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You can relax on the hammocks in the sprawling lawns with its spectacular view of forested hills in the background and the sea before you.

Trek through the farm, the hill top gives you a breathtaking sea view. Reward yourself a tea/nimbupani break at 'asthanchal', the sunset point.

A walk along the beach or wade through the sea water and cross the creek when in low tide!!

Watch the boats, the sea and the birds along the coast from our outpost, made on stilts well into the sea.
A ride on the fisherman's boat can be organized for a true local experience.
Or spend the day fishing at the Nawabs favorite point.

Close by is the palace of the former Nawab of Janjira and the impregnable Janjira Fort. Ahead is a view of another historic monument, the Kasa Fort built by Shivaji who tried to conquer the Siddis. You can either take it all in or let the history just wash over you.

Other places of interest

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