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At Beyond Stay Mahua Tola Tadoba, wake up to the sound of the jungle stream, sip tea while soaking in the view of the bamboo forest and spend your night on the machan waiting for the tiger to visit the water stream. A quintessential forest resort, with architecture inspired by the mud houses of the local tribe, expect a stay promising ethnic luxury and lots of adventure. Just 12 km from the famous Kolara Gate of the Tadoba National Park famed for its tigers, bisons, sloth bear and dense forests, the resort is located by a seasonal river, and is spread across 7.5 acres, it has rooms, cottages, suite and family suite to accommodate all kinds of wildlife enthusiast. Here, after your wildlife safari (that does promise tiger sighting, even the unlucky ones get lucky), relax in the orchards of the resort, go for a nature walk by the river, it is a dense bird watching location, go through the wildlife books collection in the library, have a bush dinner by the river, or just lounge about in the lap of luxury in the middle of the jungle).

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