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Tadoba National Park or Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve is located in Maharashtra district. It is one among the fifty tiger reserves that are located in India. It is the largest and the oldest park in the state. The park gets its name from the tribal God worshipped in this region, Taru or Tadoba and, the river that runs through the region, Andhari. Taru was a chief in the tribal village who was killed by a tiger. He is represented as a God and a shrine has been dedicated to him on the banks of the river. Tribes in the buffer area celebrate a festival in the shrine during winter season. Tourists are however not allowed to be a part of this festival. Tadoba national park is very famous for those who want to spot the Bengal tiger. The gypsy safari of the park is also called as the tiger safari. The park is famous for bird watching and spotting tigers.

Best Time to Visit Tadoba National Park

Summer : The summer starts in March and ends by May. April and May are the hottest months in the park. Dehydration chances are higher. The skies will be clear. This is the best time to spot animals with their cubs near the lake. It is also a good time for bird spotting.

Winter The winter starts in October and ends by February. The winter has pleasant climate and rich flora. Spotting small and large mammals are easier during this season. The migration birds can be spotted during this season.

Rainy : The park is closed for the rainy season. The rainy season starts by July and ends by September. The park receives heavy rainfall and the terrain becomes slippery. This causes hindrance for any vehicle to enter into the park. Spotting animals become rare during this season.

Best Season to Visit Tadoba National Park

The best time to visit the park is the summer season. Spotting tigers with cubs is very common during this season. This is the mating period for the birds and thus, you can spot many rare birds during this season. Dehydration is common and thus, equip yourself with enough water.

The safari in Tadoba Tiger Reserve will give opportunity to explore the rich wildlife of the park and spot the animals like tiger, leopard, wild dogs, sloth bear, etc. There are three zones in the reserve that gives access to the Jeep Safari, namely Moharli (Mohurli) Zone, Tadoba Zone, and Kolsa Zone.

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