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Atul Manuja:



The smart and stylish design and architecture of The Bagh suffuses the place with energy, vitality and magic. Its eight spacious cottages and two studios cottages, face directly onto the Nandgaon bay. The cottages are designed with select antique furniture and individually styled bathrooms that include mischievous sunken bathtubs or open to sky showers.

Each cottage is equipped with a yoga kit and you are spoilt for choice on places to practice!!

Chef on hand, a specialized menu, and massage on request ensures you a very personalized farm stay.

An ideal place for relaxation and harmony with yourself, in the middle of the orchard, on the sea side and under the vast expanse of starlit sky, at night.

The incredible panoramic view complemented with the farm grown fruit and vegetables makes The Bagh a relishable experience.

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