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Mahua Vann is equipped with a modern kitchen as well as traditional cooking facility. Our local chefs are well trained to help in personalizing your menu with locally savored dishes that are distinctly flavorsome. Most of the vegetables are home grown and organic, and you can savor the local and seasonal specialties. Authentic recipes and organic fruits & vegetables add an unexpected hint of wilderness to your meals, a feature, unique to the Mahua experience. The dining space gives an open and outdoor feel. To one side it has a traditional Khus screen, sprinkled with water, that cools the breeze wafting in and scents it with a lovely fragrance. Besides this, you could be dining in a thatched gazebo or choose the romantic ambiance of a candlelight dinner on the wooden deck of your room, overlooking the water body. Barbecues and Tandoor in the open alongside the campfire place in the winters is another option.

“Mahua” flavored dishes and drinks and are an added attraction, when in season.

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