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About Mahuaresorts

Begin your exotic journey to explore and re-unite with nature by stepping into the world of Mahua Resorts. And, enjoy a holistic experience of well being and rejuvenation while bonding with nature, on an ecologically sensitive yet exciting holiday.

The incredibly diverse locales of the resorts are non-intrusive on environment and blend perfectly with the local habitat and community. The Resorts allow you the leisure of time and space to indulge in activities of your choice as you determine the rhythm of your holiday. Enjoy wildlife viewing & adventure at "Mahua Vann", the Pench Tiger Reserve (Madhya Pradesh) Experience the stunning colors of the rugged romantic terrain of Rajasthan at "Mahua Serai", Jaipur or Explore a sprawling Alphonso (type of mango) orchard overlooking the gorgeous sand washed, palm fringed beaches of the Alibagh (Maharashtra) coastline, that awaits you at "Mahua Bagh"

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